Website created for the project /Strona utworzona na potrzeby projektu
LLP Comenius

Project implemented by schools from Belgium, France, Poland and Germany /Projekt realizowany przez Salezjańską Szkołę Podstawową im. Jana Pawła II w Pile oraz szkoły partnerskie z Belgii, Francji i Niemiec.

Captain Planet


1)  It’s known for adults, it’s known for children, too.

  You need to take care of the order around you,

  So don’t waste your time and sort rubbish

  To give the Earth a chance to survive. 


Captain Planet’ll show, explain

How to take care of the environment.

Captain Planet’ll explain what it means

To sort, protect, take from the nature wisly.


2)  If you’ve got some cassettes or sticks or cartons

  or something else,

  Ask Captain Planet what to do with it,

  He’s good at it, He’s cool!!!


Captain Planet’ll show, explain….


3)  Paper in the paper, a can in another place

  Find the right colour of the bin in the yard.

  These are the first Captain’s orders

  To create a little paradise in our word.


Captain Planet’ll show, explain….